When Ultimate installs VINYL SIDING:




We primarily use Royal Crest or MITTEN products. Developed using the finest material and the most advanced vinyl extrusion technologies, vinyl siding is tested for colour fastness, weather ability and impact resistance. The base compound is specially formulated to conform to the most stringent standards for vinyl siding products in North America. Vinyl siding does not scratch or dent.





Traditional Series (Straight Bevel):

Designer Series:




4.5" beveled panel with a smooth matt finish JUST LIKE PAINTED WOOD.




We prepare the surface by nailing down any loose panels and check the black paper for integrity. Furring or strapping is used if necessary for uneven walls to provide an even, nailable base. J trims are installed around windows and doors and a bead of caulking is applied between the window and door brickmold and J trim to ensure a good weather seal.


Galvanized or aluminum nails with large heads are used to secure the siding and they are nailed every 16 – 24". The nails should not pinch the siding to allow for expansion and contraction.


After the siding panels are in place, you should be able to move it back and forth by placing both hands firmly on the panel. For best appearance, the end laps are staggered so that one joint is not directly above the other. We overlap joints away from entrances and from the point of greatest traffic.


We use special light mounts, plug-in mounts, fresh air vent mounts and install new dryer vents in areas where new siding is being installed.





If you have smooth stucco, we can go right over it. If you have rough or rock stucco, we have to put on a minimum ½" Styrofoam to protect the siding. There is no need to remove the stucco in most cases. Removing stucco is very labour intensive and you could end up with interior damage to your walls, eg. Drywall nails or screws could pop out.


With this being said, it is still your decision on whether the stucco comes off or not.





What we recommend is 3/8" Amacor insulation or 1" Cladmate insulation. Insulation not only ensures a smooth subsurface for the vinyl siding but also gives you increased energy efficiency.