Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors Edmonton Relies On

To keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, you need to be sure your windows and doors are airtight. Get your windows and doors installed by the experts at Ultimate Renovations. With more than 35 years of experience, you can count on us to properly install your exterior fixtures.


Improved Look and Value of Your Home

Not only do windows and doors provide protection from the elements, they offer improvements to the look and value of your home. Aging windows and doors look dirty and offer little curb appeal. New windows and doors look bright and add a stylized and custom element to your home. Living in Edmonton and Calgary, you want to choose windows and doors that keep the cold air out and add a design element to your home.


Types of Windows

Each style of windows not only looks different but can open differently as well. Depending on your lifestyle and the needs at your home, you will want to choose windows that work best for you. Common types of windows include:


  • Single-Hung Windows – open only at the bottom, which slides up to let air into your home
  • Double-Hung Windows – have two sashes that slide vertically in the frame to open at the top or bottom without protruding
  • Casement Windows – use a turn-crank to open from hinges on the right or left and move outward
  • Awning Windows – open outward from a hinge at the top to let in air from the left or right and bottom
  • Picture Windows – is a stationary window that allows for the most light and view of outdoors
  • Transom Windows – can be stationary or hinged at the top or bottom to open
  • Slider Windows – one or more window panel slides horizontally over/past another to open
  • Stationary Windows – do not open, but can be customized to many angles and shapes
  • Bay or Bow Windows – add interior space and are a combination of windows, usually stationary in the middle


Types of Doors

Different styles of doors work best with different home exteriors. They can also serve specific purposes. Some doors, such as sliding doors, are perfect leading out to your back patio, while panel doors are great for your main entrance. Different types of doors and their ideal locations include:


  • Panel Doors – standard, single-leaf doors used in interiors and exteriors offering a range of options depending on the number of glass panels you desire
  • French Doors – hinged at each side and meet in the middle, these doors create a large space when opened and are ideal for leading out to gardens and patios
  • Sliding Doors – these doors slide one panel over another to open and are great for patios
  • Bi-Folding Doors – panels connected by hinges, these doors are great for maximizing space and leading to a backyard or garden


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